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bk3a83421.jpgLove music that rocks hard and makes you wanna throw your fists in the air and sing along?? Look no further: ADAM AND THE METAL HAWKS has you covered, and then some.
The Metal Hawks story took its beginning when the band was formed very early on in grade school in Long Island, New York by bassist Ryan D'Aversa and guitarist Johnny Barry. 
The duo soon recruited a drummer and the band's line-up became complete when vocalist Adam Ezegelain joined, resulting in a new band monicker, ADAM AND THE METAL HAWKS (or just AMH for short).
With the launch of their self titled debut album in April of 2020, it didnt take long for their online videos and social media madness to draw the attention of over 6 million fans worldwide. AMH is basically what happens when massive rock riffs share the spotlight with passionate melodies, and is injected with a lot of humour and hilarious antics.
Their 2021 social media duet with Jack Black and their rendition of "Kickapoo" has already reached over 100 million views. The success of AMH's online renditions of other artists hits have peaked the likes and recognition from Sharon Osbourne, Styx, Foreigner, Slash, Ozzy, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Twisted Sister and more.
During the Covid lockdown of 2021 the band wrote the material for their second release, "Hurry Up And Wait", which is was launched through Metal Department. 
In 2022 the original drummer left the band and was replaced by Griffin McCarthy, hailing from a musical family and having previously played in countless bands.






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