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Crypt - THE CRYPT 'The Crypt' LP, purple vinyl + poster

Crypt - THE CRYPT 'The Crypt' LP, purple vinyl + poster

Item no. 1011

Within the Swedish heavy metal community, Leif Edling is revered as one of its most prolific songwriters. Alongside his renowned work with Candlemass, he has also spearheaded projects like Krux and Avatarium, showcasing his enduring creativity. When news broke of his direct involvement in yet another band, speculation soon ran rampant within the community.

That band is The Crypt, based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

With a concept centered around a metal priestess, The Crypt's debut album 'The Crypt' delves into themes of darkness, death, and the undead, echoing the vibes of 1970s gothic and occult bands such as Coven, Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath, and Pentagram.


Recorded with top-tier Swedish musicians under the guidance of producer Marcus Jidell, the album effortlessly combines dark atmospheres with catchy melodies and powerful riffs, reminiscent of rock's most golden era.


The Crypt is: 
Pepper (Vocals)
Danne McKenzie (Drums) 
Rigor Mortimer (Bass) 
Dave McKenzie (Guitar)
Floke (Keyboards)



This LP edition comes pressed on solid purple vinyl and is limited to just 100 copies. It comes in a sturdy gatefold-sleeve with lyrics printed on the inside.


This edition includes a foldout colour poster in size 60 cm x 40 cm (23.5" x 16").








A1  Intro (01:30)
A2  Into The Crypt (03.53)
A3  Mistress Of Fire (06:08)
A4  Metal Priestess (05:07)
A5  I Love The Darkness (04:17)



B1  Cemetary Children (03:41)
B2  Night Of The Devil (04:02)
B3  Open The Gate (06:03)
B4  Halos (05:42)
B5  Who Broke The Coffin (02:14)


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