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Demon - DEMON 'The Unexpected Guest: Remixed And Remastered' LP, purple vinyl

Demon - DEMON 'The Unexpected Guest: Remixed And Remastered' LP, purple vinyl

Item no. 7549

Another Metal Department exclusive, this purple vinyl LP pressing is only available here - and limited to just 100 copies!


180 gram vinyl in a deluxe gatefold-sleeve, remixed and remastered 2020 by Shaun Lowe at Prism Studios, Stoke on Trent, England. For the first time ever you will now hear the bass the way it was originally intended to sound.


Initially released in 1982, 'The Unexpected Guest' was Demon's 2nd album.


Most metalheads have heard the song 'Don't Break The Circle', which was covered by the perhaps more well-known German band Blind Guardian. That song, and to a lesser extent the entire album, was Demon's biggest commercial success (and just about the only one).

There is a reason why: 'The Unexpected Guest' is the self-defining Demon album featuring Dave Hill and Mal Spooner writing music in the highly unique and original style that was featured on the first side of the debut album. Even more importantly, it's all-around more consistent and really shines, even now, nearly 40 years later.




A1 Intro: An Observation 1:22
A2 Don't Break The Circle 4:57
A3 The Spell 3:50
A4 Total Possession 3:54
A5 Sign Of A Madman 4:32
A6 Victim Of Fortune 5:27


B1 Have We Been Here Before 4:35
B2 Strange Institution 5:04
B3 The Grand Illusion 3:44
B4 Beyond The Gates 4:20
B5 Deliver Us From Evil 4:43
B6 Outro 0:40


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