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A look back at OZZY OSBOURNE's heartfelt ballad "So Tired" from 1983

Ozzy is So Tired video


Even the Prince of Darkness himself requires a moment of respite from the relentless pace of life.


In "So Tired" (off 'Bark At The Moon', 1983), Ozzy Osbourne experiences the weariness of waiting for his beloved, a creeping suspicion of her potential infidelity settling in his mind.


Although the single only achieved moderate success in the United Kingdom, this song marked one of Osbourne's initial triumphs in the realm of ballads. It served as a catalyst for him to incorporate more slow, heartfelt compositions alongside his signature rock anthems in subsequent albums.


This shift allowed his vulnerable side to shine through in future songs like "Mama, I'm Coming Home" and "Road To Nowhere."



The orchestral arrangement that accompanies Ozzy's vocals in this track was crafted by the renowned Louis Clark, known for his collaborations with Electric Light Orchestra.


Intriguingly, despite being credited as the sole songwriter for "So Tired" on the 'Bark at the Moon' album, Osbourne received substantial assistance in its creation from his guitarist, Jake E. Lee, and bassist, Bob Daisley. Daisley revealed in a Songfacts interview that due to disputes with publishing companies, both he and Lee decided to relinquish their claims to credits and royalties in favor of fixed payments.


In the music video for the song, Ozzy assumes all the key roles, reminiscent of Eddie Murphy's portrayal in 'The Nutty Professor'.

It's worth noting that during the video shoot, Ozzy suffered an unfortunate mishap when a piece of glass became lodged in his throat while performing a scene involving a shattered mirror. This setback forced him to postpone some shows, but he eventually made a full recovery.


Did you know? The "So Tired" single was initially released in May of 1984 in the UK in a mispressed picture-sleeve, which showed the cover image printed upside down from what was intended - that 1st pressing was immediately recalled and it incredibly hard to find today!


Here is the official video for the single:



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