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TODAY IN METAL: 40 years ago today - KISS unmask for the first time on MTV

KISS MTV unmasking


On this day (September 18th) in 1983, KISS appeared in public for the first time without their iconic make-up.


In 1973, when KISS initially came together, they displayed exceptional musical talent and songwriting skills. However, they felt the need to enhance their image, leading them to create the 4 superhero characters and incorporate make-up into their presentation.


After a few early gigs, the band introduced various make-up designs, maintaining this onstage disguise throughout their absolute heyday in the '70s and into the early '80s before eventually deciding it was time for a change. Actually Paul Stanley proposed this big change already before the release of the 'Creatures Of The Night' album, but he was outvoted by the other members.


But eventually, to promote the release of the upcoming album "Lick It Up," KISS unveiled their unmasked faces for the first time during an MTV special aired on September 18th, 1983.


Unfortunately, this transition also marked the beginning of a turbulent period for the group. Guitarist Vinnie Vincent left the band the following year, and his replacement, Mark St. John, had only a brief tenure before the line-up stabilized with the addition of Bruce Kulick.


KISS performing without make-up would see some 14 very succesful years before the big reunion of the original band happened, and thus the return of make-up.




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