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CANDLEMASS' 'Tales Of Creation' turns 34, released on September 25th 1989

Candlemass Tales of Creation album



'Tales Of Creation' marks the fourth album release from the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass, hitting the scene on September 25th 1989.


Following a minor stumble with their previous effort 'Ancient Dreams', 'Tales Of Creation' returned with a fiery resurgence. Undoubtedly, this album stands as vocalist Messiah Marcolin's finest vocal performance.


Thankfully, the slight pretentiousness of 'Ancient Dreams' has dissipated, and the songwriting has reverted to the epic, doom-laden vibe that has since defined the band's career. Furthermore, 'Tales Of Creation' showcases everyone in peak form. The guitar riffs are exceptional, and Messiah delivers some of his most remarkable work. The album is filled with delightful surprises that keep it remarkably fresh.


Notably, 'Tales of Creation' marked Messiah Marcolin's last appearance as Candlemass's vocalist until his return for their self-titled album in 2005.


A portion of the material featured on this album, including tracks like "Dark Reflections," "Under the Oak," "Into the Unfathomed Tower," "Somewhere in Nowhere," and "A Tale of Creation," was originally recorded in 1985 by one of the band's earliest line-ups. "Under the Oak" is actually a reimagined version of another song from their 1986 debut, 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus'.


The album's cover art is a modified rendition of Gustave Doré's "The Creation of Light."






Side A

A1 The Prophecy 1:26
A2 Dark Reflections 5:05
A3 Voices In The Wind 0:15
A4 Under The Oak 6:00
A5 Tears 4:11
Into The Unfathomed Tower (3:02)
A6 PT.I Dance Of The Fay 
A6 PT.II Magic/Entering The Tower 
A6 PT.III Dance Of The Fay (reprise) 
A6 PT.IV Souls Flight 
A6 PT.V Towards The Unknown 
A6 PT.VI Choir Of Angels 
A6 PT.VII Outside The Gates Of Heaven

Side B
B1 The Edge Of Heaven 6:24
B2 Somewhere In Nowhere 3:47
B3 Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death 5:06
B4 Dawn 0:26
B5 A Tale Of Creation 6:52



Messiah Marcolin - vocals
Lars "Lasse" Johansson - lead guitars
Mats "Mappe" Björkman - rhythm guitars
Leif Edling - bass
Jan Lindh - drums


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