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Ex KISS guitarist VINNIE VINCENT to charge members of his Facebook group $200 yearly fee

Viinie Vincent on stage 1982


Former KISS guitarist VINNIE VINCENT has announced that he will start charging members of his Facebook group 'Official Vinnie Vincent Euphoria' a yearly $200 fee starting from 1st of February 2024.


In a statement to the group members administrator Paul Runner explains the new cost:


"Hey guys.


Beginning February 1, 2024 EUPHORIA is changing to a paid membership site.


$200 Annual fee.


It is a necessity to keep out the riff raff and to insure the safety and integrity of the fan core of this private club. There has been seveeral (sic) thousand people admitted in the last 3 months and i expect a large number of trolls are lurking. They are in the process of being eliminated. Sorry but it must be this way. I hope you understand.


Anyyone (sic) who wishes to stay can make payment at anytime up to February 1.


Thank you all. VINNIE VINCENT".



The annual membership is currently being offered in his official webshop:



Vinnie Vincent has previously drawn quite a bit of critique from his fans over what has been seen as exorbiant asking prices for his merchandise, including $3000 for a signed KISS tourbook, €5000 for a personalized guitar pick, autographed CDs at $500, fleece blanket at $450 and so on.


It will be interesting to see how many members will remain in his official Facebook group when the cut-off date of February 1st 2024 arrives. As per December 30th 2023 there are 749 members of the group.


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