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KISS' Gene Simmons: ‘As long as your schmeckle works, you feel immortal’

Gene Simmons live 2023


UK newspaper The Guardian just posted a big article based on a recent interview with Gene Simmons of KISS.


Here's an extract:


"Kiss would continue forever if it weren't for the inconvenient path of time's arrow - although, as Simmons puts it: "As long as your schmeckle works, you feel immortal." But soon there will be no more adoring crowds, clamouring legions of the Kiss Army; no more hearing their songs booming back at them over stadiums full of pumping fists: the time to rock and roll all night and party every day must come to its end, as all of life's great journeys will.


The last Kiss show ever will be at Madison Square Garden in December. ("That it took us 50 years to get 10 blocks from where we started playing seems right for us.")


By that time, Stanley and Simmons will have spent more than two-thirds of their lives together in Kiss, while having played almost 3,000 shows across the globe and selling over 100m albums. Who will Gene Simmons, God of Thunder, be when he is no longer that person on stage?


"I can verbalise it now, but emotions are different from words, they're beyond that. It will be a tsunami of emotions," he says. "When the confetti starts to fall that last time, and everybody is going nuts in the audience, everybody's going to be crying. I know we are. It's going to be a lot.


"What an amazing journey ... I can't stress enough, how blessed we are - whether you're religious or not, that's the word. I am the luckiest man on two legs who ever walked the face of the planet."





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