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MOTLEY CRUE debut-album 'Too Fast For Love' was released 42 years ago today, on November 10th 1981

MC Too Fast generic album

Get ready to rev up your engines and dive headfirst into the electrifying world of 'Too Fast for Love' by Motley Crue!


Initially released on November 10th in 1981, this album is a raucous celebration of the glam metal era, a time when excess was the name of the game. From the opening chords of 'Live Wire,' the Crue declares their presence with a raw, unapologetic energy that sets the tone for the entire ride.


The album doesn't just deliver hard-hitting rock; it's a sonic manifesto of rebellion, freedom, and unbridled passion. With tracks like "Too Fast For Love" and "Public Enemy #1" Motley Crue isn't just a band; they're an attitude, a lifestyle. Vince Neil's vocals soar with a gritty edge, Nikki Sixx's bass lines pulse with intensity, and Mick Mars' guitar riffs cut through the air like a chainsaw. Tommy Lee's powerhouse drumming adds the heartbeat to this sonic adventure.


'Too Fast For Love' is more than an album; it's a time capsule that captures the essence of an era. So buckle up, because Motley Crue is about to take you on a wild, high-octane journey through the neon-lit streets of glam metal, where every note is a declaration of independence and every beat is an invitation to live fast and loud!


The release was damn near as pivotal as Van Halen's 1978 eponymous bow in the shaping of '80s hard rock. These charms are even more evident on the original version of 'Too Fast For Love', which the Los Angeles band self-released.


The first pressing edition of only 900 vinyl copies was released on November 10, 1981, on the band's own Leathür Records label.


MC Too Fast 1

Obviously this low quantity initial pressing is highly sought after and easily reach a price above $1000 whenever it (rarely) is being offered for sale. You can recognize the true 1st pressing by these characteristics:


- Band name and album title is written in white on the front.
- The record labels are white with black lettering.
- LR-123 printed on the spine of the cover.
- Very thick and stiff cover.
- Vince has extra big hair on the back cover and on the insert photo. The hair was touched up so it would show up against the white background, just a little too much (reportedly Vince couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it!)
- There are no sunglasses in the middle of the back cover as can be seen on both the second and third pressing.
- Nikki's arms are crossed at his chest on the insert photo, he's pointing his arm straight out on the second and third press.



Tracklisting Leathür version:


A1        Live Wire  3:16
A2        Public Enemy #1  4:23
A3        Take Me To The Top  3:46
A4        Merry-Go-Round  3:27
A5        Piece Of Your Action  4:40


B1        Starry Eyes  4:30
B2        Stick To Your Guns  4:20
B3        Come On And Dance  3:11
B4        Too Fast For Love  4:11
B5        On With The Show  4:04



The 1st pressing immediately sold out and the album was re-printed in December of 1981. The 2nd pressing was for 4000 copies and there was a few alterations, which can help you identify this pressing:


- Band name and album title is written in red on the front cover.
- The record labels are white with black lettering.
- Vince's big hair has been fixed on the back cover and on the insert number two, but there is a difference between Vince Neils hair
on the insert of the first press and "second press, insert number one", they are not identical.
- Sunglasses are featured on the back cover.
- Inner paperbag is white with big centerhole.
- On the inside of the cover there is a few millimetre gap in the seam that you can't see from the outside.
- The inside of the cover is unbleached and has a light brown natural paper color look.
- Insert photo is a little bit darker than on the third press.
- The 'B' in the matrix-number DK-1004-B looks like the number 3 if you don't look carefully.


MC Too Fast vers 2

This 2nd issue came with two different inserts:
In insert number one Nikki Sixx has his arms crossed (same insert as included in the 1st pressing).
In insert number two Nikki Sixx is pointing his arm straight out.


It's unclear why some copies came with the different inserts, perhaps there was some stock left over from the 1st printing of the album and those were used up first.



As the 2nd pressing also quickly sold out, a 3rd pressing was ordered in early 1982. Again there was a few alterations, which can help you to identify it:


-Black labels with white print & red logo

-Title appears as "Too Fast For Löve" on center labels.

-Released with a black & white liner sheet showing the bands photograph on one side and the lyrics on the other.

-Vinyl is mounted inside plain white innersleeve with no plastic liner.


MC Too Fast vers 3


In 2005 the band did a faithful re-release of the Leathür version on the Hip-O Select label, and that issue was based on this 3rd pressing of the original album.



Elektra Records signed the band in 1982, at which point the album was remixed and partially re-recorded. This re-release (which came out in the U.S. on August 20th 1982) features a different track listing and slightly different artwork (e.g., red lettering on the cover and a different interior photograph of the band), has become the standard version from which all later reissues derive.



Tracklisting Elektra version:


A1        Live Wire    3:14
A2        Come On And Dance    2:45
A3        Public Enemy #1    4:20
A4        Merry-Go-Round    3:22
A5        Take Me To The Top    3:43


B1        Piece Of Your Action    4:38
B2        Starry Eyes    4:30
B3        Too Fast For Love    3:22
B4        On With The Show    4:00



Motley Crue crafted the original 'Too Fast For Love' on a shoestring budget, setting it apart from grandiose rock debuts otherwise financed by big labels. This album exudes a charming garage vibe, even with the Elektra version's touch-up by renowned British producer Roy Thomas Baker, known for his collaborations with Queen and the Cars. The Leathür Records mix features a shaggier, possibly more European feel. German engineer Michael Wagener, later famed for his work with Skid Row and mixing of Metallica's 'Master Of Puppets,' gives it a distinct vocal reverb and altered background vocals.


In terms of audio, the master and remix don't differ significantly between Leathür and Elektra versions, sounding remarkably alike.


The most glaring change, though, is Elektra's exclusion of the standout track "Stick To Your Guns". This Kim Fowley song, a relic from Nikki Sixx's pre-Mötley days, underwent quite a transformation with a witchy intro, cowbell riff-fest, and metallic jam.


Kim Fowley, an infamous Sunset Strip fixture and manager of female rock pioneers Runaways, reportedly asked a young Nikki Sixx to write material for new-wave stars Blondie to record. Sixx came up with "Stick to Your Guns," which he sold to Fowley for $100 and 50 percent publishing. So maybe it was a publishing issue which in the end prevented Elektra from including the cut on the remixed version?


While 'Too Fast For Love' only reached number 77 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States upon release in 1982, it would ultimately reach platinum status in 1987, selling more than 1.00.000 copies.





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