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September 28th 1987: GUNS N' ROSES release 'Welcome To The Jungle' single

GNR Welcome To The 12 inch 

Today, September 28th 1987, the 2nd single 'Welcome To The Jungle' off the 'Appetite For Destruction' album was released by GUNS N' ROSES.


It took a while for radio stations to actually start playing this track, but once they did, the whole rock landscape changed. Guns N' Roses were unleashed onto the world, and it was effectively the beginning of the end of glam metal bands like Poison, Mr. Big and Ratt, before Nirvana would eventually kill them off completely. 


"Welcome To The Jungle" was the biggest game changing rock track of the 1980s. It rejuvenated hard rock music, and basically on its own altered the whole landscape.

Here are 5 facts about this iconic track:

1. Inspired by Los Angeles: The song's lyrics were inspired by Axl Rose's experiences when he first arrived in Los Angeles. He encountered the city's dark and dangerous side, which inspired the song's gritty lyrics.


2. *Music Video Debut: The music video for "Welcome To The Jungle" marked the band's debut on MTV. Directed by Nigel Dick, it helped catapult the band to mainstream success.


3. **Late Night TV Debut: Guns N' Roses made their late-night television debut by performing "Welcome To The Jungle" on "The Late Show with David Letterman" in 1988.


4. Not Originally a Hit: Despite its eventual iconic status, "Welcome To The Jungle" was not an immediate hit. It took some time and MTV exposure for the song to gain popularity.


5. Axl Rose's Signature Song: "Welcome To The Jungle" is often considered Axl Rose's signature song, and it remains a staple in Guns N' Roses' live performances to this very day.

These facts highlight the enduring impact of "Welcome To The Jungle" and its place in the rock music pantheon.


You can watch the original video for the song here:




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