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SAXON set to release 24th album 'Hell, Fire And Damnation' in January of 2024

Published: Nov 23 2023
Official statement on upcoming album 'Hell, Fire And Damnation' from SAXON: "Biff Byford, lead singer and founder-member reminisces when asked about the title: "I've had that saying in my head since I was a small boy because my dad used to say it when he was upset," Biff smiles. "He

BOB DAISLEY vs. THE OSBOURNES feud continues - will the 'Holy Grail' tapes ever be released?

Published: Nov 12 2023
Yesterday November 11th 2023 former OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Bob Daisley responded to Ozzy's recent claim that "the quality is fucking dreadful" when talking about the so-called 'Holy Grail' recordings of the original BLIZZARD OF OZZ band ft. Randy Rhoads. As the nickname suggests, the 'Holy Grail' tapes have long been

ALICE COOPER reveals his Top 5 horror movies of all time

Published: Nov 11 2023
If there's someone we can rely on to possess a keen eye for chilling movies, it's the son of a preacher who dons a straitjacket and embellishes stages worldwide with abundant artificial blood, serpents, the undead, and intricate devices for torture and execution. Indeed, we're referring to the true pioneer

KISS' 'Rock And Roll Over' album turns 47, released on November 11th 1976

Published: Nov 11 2023
'Rock And Roll Over' was the fifth studio album from KISS. It was recorded at the Star Theatre in Nanuet, New York and released by Casablanca Records on November 11th 1976. In the fiery crucible of 1976, KISS forged a sonic masterpiece that would reverberate through the corridors of rock

Today we remember Philip Taylor, the heartbeat of MOTORHEAD - passed away on November 11th 2015

Published: Nov 11 2023
Philip John Taylor, fondly known as "Philthy Animal" Taylor among fans, was a true powerhouse behind the drums, driving the thunderous rhythms of MOTÖRHEAD's iconic music. With relentless energy and ferocity, he laid the foundation for the band's unmistakable sound. His indomitable spirit and drumming prowess left an indelible mark

KISS '(Music From) The Elder' turns 42, released today November 10th 1981

Published: Nov 10 2023
'(Music From) The Elder' was the ninth studio album by American rock band KISS, released on the Casablanca Records label on November 10th 1981. The album marked a substantial departure from their previous output with a full-on concept and orchestral elements. '(Music From) 'The Elder was the first album to

MOTLEY CRUE debut-album 'Too Fast For Love' was released 42 years ago today, on November 10th 1981

Published: Nov 10 2023
Get ready to rev up your engines and dive headfirst into the electrifying world of 'Too Fast for Love' by Motley Crue! Initially released on November 10th in 1981, this album is a raucous celebration of the glam metal era, a time when excess was the name of the game.

Happy birthday to TOMMY THAYER of KISS, born on November 7th 1960

Published: Nov 7 2023
Happy birthday to Thomas Cunningham Thayer (born November 7, 1960). Tommy Thayer is a name that resonates with rock and roll enthusiasts all around the globe, known for his electrifying presence on stage as the lead guitarist of the iconic band KISS. With his signature style and boundless energy, Tommy

CANDLEMASS 'The Pendulum' rare AUTOGRAPHED 12" vinyl still available

Published: Nov 6 2023
CANDLEMASS 'The Pendulum' yellow vinyl 12" EP - we still have a few copies of the extremely AUTOGRAPHED 12" single available! 2020 vinyl 12" EP release featuring 6 tracks. Limited edition pressed on yellow vinyl in just 100 copies. Includes printed insert, album is personally autographed by the whole band

DEMON 'Night Of The Demon' - we still have a few copies of the limited picture-disc available

Published: Nov 3 2023
Limited edition LP picture-disc reissue of Demon's classic 1981 debut album. 'Night of The Demon' is a highly enjoyable example of what the more melodic side of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal had to offer. Picture-disc edition in a die-cut sleeve, personally autographed by vocalist Dave Hill on
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